• Brick Walls:  parentage, marriage, progeny cases.
  • 5-Generation Trees: for many this is next step after initial DNA ancestry test results.
  • Medical Histories: crucial client knowledge; GenInsights searches patterns, too.

Features: reports, charts, all primary source documentation, GEDCOM files

Record Pulls

  • birth, marriage, divorce, death, immigration, naturalization, military: 85% of records still offline

Features: all primary source documentation, GEDCOM files, proofs of foreign citizenship as necessary.

Data Mining & Analytics

  • genealogy, migration patterns, labor and industrial patterns, epidemiological history, etc.: provide data insights from massive parallel processing that would not otherwise be known.

Features: data analytics engine; software platform

DNA Test Result

Features: interpretation, specialized guidance and recommendation of next steps.

Documentation & Photography

  • lineage society applications, cemetery photos, report, charts, house histories, land platting, ancestral neighborhood reconstruction

Features: Compilation of record pulls, source documentation and completion or guidance with completing society (e.g. DAR, SAR, Mayflower) applications. Photos of requested ancestral grave sites; posting on Historical narration and property research. Custom designed reports and charts for clients.

Legal Searches

  • adoption, inheritance, probate: specialist outsourcing for law firms in matters of probate and inheritance

Features: all primary source documentation reports and charts where necessary.


  • reunion planning, file and materials organization

Features: family tree verification, cousin searches, descendant searches, mortality updates, reunion prep

Project Management

Features: resource, cost, schedule management for large projects. PMP-certified manager has wide-ranging expertise.


  • online trees, printed genealogies

Features: publishing on platforms like WordPress; online presence for client’s family.


Features: all sources digitized, glossary, translated copy.  Owner is fluent in French and Spanish, and literate in Italian and Portuguese.  Please contact GenInsights if you have documents in other languages to translate.  We may be able to help as we have a large network of language experts.

of Family Trees

Features: client-provided 5-generation tree supplemented and proven with primary sources and corrected where necessary.


  • Biographical Sketches

Features: reports, charts, supporting documentation, GEDCOM files.